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Take Me Under

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I want you to close your eyes
And fall into a deep trance
And when I count to three
You'll wake u and be mine
I like it
I love it
I know you...
Know you you
I love it when you take me under, down under your spell
My mind is suffocated
By your deep sigh
The Scent of you has got me
So blind, why, why can't I be with you
Full time cause
You bring me under
Your lips, your eyes, your skin
Can't wait to be within
Your thoughts, your mind
Will meet in time babe
So fine babe
But for now

I like it when you bring me under
Girl, I know you so well
I love it when we get down, down
Can't you tell
I know you know when I first met you baby
My heart fell
I love it when you take me down, down
Under your spell

Can I get an "O"
Can I get a "T"
Can I get an "O"
And a "W"
And an "N"
Bring it back
If you, could ever understand
What you put me through
Then I, I
I could forgive you
I can't forget you
The things that you do
Won't leave my mind soon
I came to you with a broken view of what
My life should be
You carried me subconsciously
I send my mind through your eyes
My thoughts are caught up in you
Ooo, Can't wait to wrap myself in you


When I look into your eyes 
My mind just don't know what to do and
It's a crazy thing
Got me all in a trance
Wanna dance in the streets with you
You got it goin' on, flowin' on
Girl you never show me wrong
Make a fella wanna go buy the song
And give you all my publishing
I'm gonna go where you wanna go
Run wild, have fun like a carnival
I think I'm in love with you
And before I never knew that I was so
I can't recall
Not at all
The last time a girl made me fall
So deep that I had withdrawals
So don't stop cause



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