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Love Should be a Crime

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Where's that love and happiness
Never seem to stand up baby
When you put them to the test, yeah
You say that you're a poet
That your life's a work of art
But you can't play love by numbers babe
You gotta play it all by heart


Baby baby baby baby
It happens all the time
How you play me
Play me play me
Playing with my mind
Baby baby baby baby
You're making me go crazy
If you call that love
Then love should be a crime
Bites the dust
Every time I hear you saying
Love is never lust yeah
Did you read it in a book
Did you see it in a magazine
Do you think that I'm some new age fool
Do you think I'm so naive


Love should be a crime
You and me
We got nothing to say
Let the words get in the way


Then all it was
Was a pocketful of nothing
But a suicidal love
If you call that love
Then love should be a crime


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