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June 2, 2001--Well, I bet you missed me.  I am so sorry for not updating but I was really busy and my heart really wasn't into spending 2 hours updating, but I finally got it done!  Here's the updates:  news, summer tour dates, links, and I finally received a fan fic to put up (Thank you so much for sending it in!!).  I have also added a new suggestions page for everyone to send in their suggestions for this site.  I want to please ask everyone to send in their personal pics of the band for my fan gallery section, if you go to any of the concerts during their summer tour please take pics and send them in.  And don't forget to SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!

April 18, 2001--First of all,  I want to thank every who has visited this site and everyone who visits in the future, because I never thought that this site would be so successful. So Thanks Everyone!  And Thanks for signing my guest book, I appreciate all the comments I get.  So here's the updates:  added a new link, new polls, news, and a new gallery section with Fan Pictures, the first set of fan pictures are from Dreamer61486, please send in yours.  I also fixed the icons on the downloads page they should work now.  And last I wanna tell everyone that I am not O-Town, so please don't e-mail me, if you wanna to contact the boys, check out!  

Please sign my guest book!  Thanks!

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Check back often for news updates and new pictures!  I'll try to update frequently!

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My LiQuiD DrEaMs 2001--This site is not affiliated with O-Town, I do not know O-Town.  This is not their official site.  This site is simply a fan site dedicated to them.  Please do not e-mail me to contact them.