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Welcome to my lyrics page.  Click on a song title in the track listing to view the lyrics to that song.  All songs are off of O-Town's self-titled debut album, which is in stores now (I highly recommend it), with the exception of "One Heart" and "Comin' to the Rescue" which are off of the Pokemon 2000 soundtrack.  Enjoy!  If you find any errors (their probably is) than please e-mail so I can correct them.

Available at all record stores NOW!!

Track Listing:

1.  Liquid Dreams

2. Every 6 Seconds

3.  Girl

4.  Sexiest Woman Alive

5.  Love Should Be A Crime

6. Shy Girl

7.  All Or Nothing

8.  Sensitive

9.  The Painter

10.  Take Me Under

11.  All For Love

12.  Baby I Would




Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack

One Heart
Comin' to the Rescue