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--May 31, 2001

Check out the ABC site for Making The Band!

--May 29, 2001


--May 25, 2001
O-TOWN performs "All or Nothing" today on SLIMETIME LIVE on Nickelodeon, 5:00PM EST!

--May 23, 2001
Making the Band returns to ABC on June 8 and runs all summer, with two episodes each Friday, starting at 8 PM EST.

--May 23, 2001
In Stores June 26th: "All Or Nothing": The CD contains previously unreleased material and remixes!
 Track Listing:
 1. All Or Nothing 4:10
 2. All Or Nothing (HQ2 Mix) 4:08
 3. All Or Nothing (Rizzo Mix) 3:51
 4. Liquid Dreams (HQ2 Mix)
 5. Take Me Under (Live Version)
 6. We Fit Together (Bonus Track)*
*This song is featured on the soundtrack for the film Dr. Doolittle 2!

--May 18, 2001
Check out's Rock Your Prom Webcast on June 7 at 6:00 PM EST!

--May 2, 2001
O-Town connects with Charlie Lapson, one of their favorite designers. You can see Charlie's original creations for the band on the show and onstage...

--April 23, 2001
Your votes made All or Nothing the number one most requested video on TRL today! KEEP IT THERE!

--April 17, 2001
Enter to win a trip to meet the band, as well as $500 bucks! All from AND!    

--April 13, 2001
The new season of Making the Band begins tonight! O-Town goes Prime Time! (Season Premiere Friday, April 13, 8 PM EST on ABC) The guys perform before a national audience of millions. Meanwhile, a band member's life is turned upside down by the return of his estranged father.

Please beware of anyone pretending to be a member of O-Town online. We have had incidents recently where imposters are pretending to be members of the group, and have mislead fans into situations that are not only dishonest, but also very dangerous. All fans, know that O-Town has been extremely busy with their schedule in touring, doing interviews, and meeting fans. Because of this, they do not have laptop computers and you will not see them online for more than a few minutes at a time. They only answer email when they are able to stop and use someone else's computer, and then, it is only to respond to as many emails from fans as they can. That is all they have time for, and will definitely not be engaging fans in any long email conversations. So, please beware, and spread the word amongst fans of anyone who pretends to be an O-Town member online. This is a serious situation, and O-Town wants to make sure their names are not used to lead unknowing fans into any potentially dangerous situations.

--March 8, 2001
TRL announced that O-Town will host TRL again on March 16, 2001.  I think that we should all vote for O-Town that day , so they can make it to #1.  If you have an O-Town site please tell your visitors the same. And any one else just spread the word. 

--March 7, 2001
O-Town's next single will be "All or Nothing"

--February 13, 2001
O-TOWN IS PLATINUM! 1,000,000 SHIPPED AND COUNTING! Sincere thanks to everyone for their amazing support of O-Town as well as the launching of J Records!

--February 6, 2001
Vote for O-Town's next single at their website.