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Millions of young music fans tuned into the reality TV show "Making of the Band" to watch the rising pop quintet O-Town unite and evolve piece by piece. A breakthrough concept in music and television, the show allowed the public to witness the careers of five young musicians come to life. The talented bunch - made up of Ashley Parker Angel, Erik-Michael Estrada, Dan Miller, Trevor Penick, and Jacob Underwood- endured months of sharpening their skills to become the most anticipated, most watched new musical group.

But now, as a climactic grand finale to their first season as both music and TV stars, O-Town has inked a record deal with the legendary Clive Davis and J Records. The group's scorching debut, "Liquid Dreams," is now making its way to the airwaves and will be released in record stores nationwide on December 5th.

With a legion of fans already in place, the group embarked on a 40-city, major market radio tour of the U.S. where they impressed station personnel with their live, a cappella version of "All For Love," a song from the television show. Throughout the tour, the group's notoriety built as fans flocked to their media interviews and personal appearances.

Recently, O-Town filmed the video for "Liquid Dreams" with acclaimed director Dave Meyers (Britney, Pink, Outkast). The group is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their full-length debut album, which is set for release in late January 2001.

"Making the Band", which first premiered in late March, has been renewed for a new season to begin in early 2001. It is executive produced by Lou Pearlman (*NSync, Backstreet Boys), Ken Mok at MTV Productions and Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray at Bunim/Murray Productions ("The Real World," "Road Rules").

Erik Michael Estrada

Date of Birth--September 23, 1979


Eye Color--Brown

Hair Color--Brown


Hometown--Bronx, New York

Erik, an energetic "Nuyorican" with a baby face, was born and raised in New York City. He loves to write songs, he has studied voice for four years. Although he was raised by his Italian mother and his stepfather, he proudly declares that Puerto Rican culture runs through his soul. Erik is very close to his mother and admits that his stepfather has been a great dad to him. Erik looks forward to meeting a girl who loves music as much as he does.

Jacob Christopher Underwood

Date of Birth--April 25, 1980


Eye Color--Blue

Hair Color--Dark Red


Hometown--San Diego, California

A native of California, Jacob has prepared his entire life for this moment. One of 38 cousins in a devout family, Jacob is the sole cousin to not attend college. Instead, he convinced his family to allow him to pursue his musical dream. A strong singer, songwriter and guitar player,      Jacob brings a unique focus to the band.

Trevor Lee Scott Penick

Date of Birth--November 16, 1979


Eye Color--Brown

Hair Color--Brown


Hometown--Rancho Cucamonga, California

A handsome native of California, Trevor is a theater major at California State Fullerton. Trevor admits that it was his personality and charisma that got him the callback. He loves The Backstreet Boys and was often teased by his fraternity brothers for his devotion to pop music. Trevor couples a strong dance talent with a humility that sometimes overwhelms him. Trevor's drive to succeed stems from his desire to make his parents proud and to reward the sacrifices they made to send him to college.

Ashley Parker Angel

Date of Birth--August 1, 1981


Eye Color--Blue

Hair Color--Blonde


Hometown--Redding, California

Ashley, a blond Californian with teen idol looks, radiates charm, charisma and stardom when he sings. He also composes and plays his own songs, and recently a local radio station expressed interest in one that he recorded on CD. Ashley began his musical career when his mother, a piano teacher, taught him to play at age four. He credits his stepfather with teaching him to play the drums and guitar.

Dan Mark Miller

Date of Birth--September 4, 1980


Eye Color--Blue

Hair Color--Brown


Hometown--Twinsburg, Ohio

Dan Miller has been singing and dancing ever since he was born. Born in New Hampshire and raised most of his life in Ohio, Dan, a naturally gifted singer and dancer, is the eldest of four children in a non-musical family. His father, a plant manager for a manufacturing facility, and his mother, a homemaker, have no idea where Dan's singing talent came from but they enthusiastically support his musical dreams. A sophomore at the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music, Dan is studying electronic media and hopes to be a singer/record producer in the future. Dan also loves basketball, R&B music and his girlfriend Cindy. He is the eldest of four in his family.

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