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Best of My Life

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    "Stop it!" Alise mumbled from under the pillow.  "I can't breathe!" Jacob lifted the pillow from her head. "Then how are you talking if you can't breathe?" He laughed. Alise sat up. "Oh shut up!" She pushed him out of the way, and started rummaging through his stuff. "What are you doing?" Jacob asked. "I'm looking for something." Alise said. She pushed some books and knocked over a cup of water. "Oops!" She said. "Alise! Your brother is here!" Jacob's mother called. "Bye, Jake I probably have to go!" Alise said as she ran from his room. "See ya later." He yelled.

Chapter 1

2 years later

Alise sat down on her bed. "Yay I can't believe I am 18 now!" She said. "No fair! I can't wait until I'm 18 which is in 4 months." Said Stephanie, Alise's best friend. "Alise, someone's on the phone for you." Mrs. Johnson said Alise's mother. "Oooo is it your boyfriend? What's his name? Jacob?" Steph said in a sing-song voice. "Yeah, right he's not my boyfriend, he's just my friend!" Alise snapped back.
    "Hello?" Alise said.
    "Hey What's up?" Jacob asked.
    "Oh nothing just chillin' with my friend Steph."
    "That's cool, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me and my friend Jason to this club tonight?"
    "Umm sure! But wait, how old do you have to be?" She asked.
    "Well you have to be 18."
    Alise glanced at Stephanie. "But, Steph's only 17!"
    "Well, find someone else to bring, I have to go. Talk to you later."
    Alise hung up the phone and told Stephanie that she couldn't go. "I'm so sorry you can't go! I promise I will make it up to you! I'll take you to the movies or something." She said as she through some clothes on the bed.' I can't believe that I am totally ditching my best friend!' She thought. 'I almost forgot to call Sara if she wanted-' The ringing of the phone broke her thoughts.
    "Hello?" She paused to hear the other person's voice.
    "Hey, this is Jake, I called to see if you and your friend are still going." He asked.
    "Umm yeah, I guess."  
    "Well, I think I'd better go." Stephanie interrupted.
    "Ok bye!" Alise muttered as she swung the cord over her so she could get out.
    "I think Steph's mad at me because I am going without her."
    "Well to bad, she's to young!" He said. "Are you still coming or what? Are you even ready?"
    "Hang on!"
    She threw on a White shirt, Yellow sweater, black skirt and some sandals. She really didn't have to put on any makeup but, she did anyway. She picked up the phone.
    "Ok I'm ready." She said.
    "Is your friend still coming?" He asked impatiently.
    "No she can't." Alise lied. "And yes I am talking about my other friend.
    "Ok, fine." He mumbled. "Well, I'm on my way. Jason is driving-"
    Alise hung up the phone before he could finish.

Chapter 2

*At the club*

    "Yo! Wanna dance?" Jason yelled over the music.
    "Nah, I think I'm gonna go get a drink. Want one anyone?" She asked.
    "I'll go with you." Jacob said as he pushed his way through a couple. They walked over to the bar.
    "Can I have a coke please?" Alise asked.
    "Make that 2." Jacob said. He smiled at Alise. "You look nice tonight." He said.
    "And what I don't look good every night?" She cracked.
    "No I didn't-"
    "I was just kidding." She laughed. "Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?"
    "You wanna go somewhere quiet? I can barely hear you." Jacob asked.
    "Sure." Alise answered.
    They walked through a room and sat down on a sofa. "So, why did you ask me to come here with you." She started. "I know that you are trying to be nice to me for some reason."
    "Nah, I just wanted to be nice to you for once in 2 years. We used to be so close!" He told her. He quickly leaned in and kissed her. She pushed him away. "What are you doing?" She screamed. He kissed her again. She pushed him away again this time she slapped him. "I want you too take me home! Now!" She shrieked.
    "I cannot believe he did that!" She screamed in the phone. Stephanie was on the other line.
    "You mean your mad at Jacob cuz he wanted to kiss you? I don't think I am getting you, Alise." Steph said.
    "Steph your really not helping me right now!" She muttered.
    "I just don't understand why you wouldn't let him kiss you." Stephanie explained.
    "I guess because he just caught me off guard! But, I still don't know why he did it though!" Alise said as she squinted at the time.
    "Listen I have to go...someone's on the other line." Alise clicked over.
    "Hi Alise."
    "This isn't Jacob is it?" She said a little loud.
    "Yes. But, wait before you hang up...I just want to say I'm sorry. It was only a dare. I had to kiss you. I'm sorry!" He explained.
    "What you mean to tell me I was some part of a game and you would ruin a friendship over something like that?" She cried out in frustration.
    "I'm so sor-"
    "I can't believe you! Oh my god I hate you!" Alise hung up the phone.
2 months later
    "Watch out!" Alise yelled to a guy on a bike. "God people need to watch where their going!" She demanded. "Oh my gosh is that..." Jenny stopped what she was saying. "Who?" Alise asked. "Nevermind Alise it's no one."
    "No tell me. I wanna know." She said. Alise really wasn't in a good mood.         "The guy...the one you were telling me about." Jenny pointed him out. "Oh gosh it's Jacob!" She sighed. "Oh man I hope he doesn't see me." Alise mumbled.
    Jacob waved at her as she tried to sneak by. "Hey what are you doing out here?" He asked.
    "What are you doing out here." She shot back.
    "Well, I am doing an addition out here for a boy band." Jacob answered.
    "Really that's cool well, Jenny and I have to go! So I'll see ya later." Alise took Jenny by the arm. "C'mon lets go!"
    "Wait I wanna meet him." Jenny said.
    Alise glared at her. "I thought we had to leave?" Alise said.
    "We have enough time!" Jenny replied. Nah, it's ok but, later can you guys come chill at my place?" Jacob asked.
    "Umm...I don't-"
    "Sure!" Jenny interrupted. "Ok cool." He said.

Chapter 3

    "Hey come in!" Jacob opened the door for them to come in. "Looks like your having a party!" Jenny said. "Yeah, I decided to bring some friends along so you guys wouldn't feel uncomfortable." He replied. "Well it makes me more uncomfortable when people are around." Alise almost said to herself.
    "What did you say?" Jen asked.
    "Nothing." She said.
    "Listen, you didn't have to be here if you don't want to. But, you don't have to ruin everyone else's night ok?" Jenny said angrily.
    "I'm sorry!" Alise cried. She ran through the crowd of people. She ran out on the balcony.
    "What a cry baby! So you wanna dance?" She asked Jacob.
    Jacob looked at Jenny as if she were insane. "I'm gonna go see if Alise is alright." He decided.
    "Forget you then!" She called as he stumbled over someone's foot. He walked out on the balcony.
    "Are you ok?" He asked. "Yeah, I guess, I'm sorry for acting like a baby." She answered. "You weren't acting like a baby she was being rude. Is that one of your friends?"
    "Yeah. She's one of my friends."
    "Damn, she sure doesn't act like one!" He said. Alise laughed. "I know. Steph couldn't some with me she was in trouble or something like that."
    "Oh, What are you doing in LA? He smiled. "If you want to tell me."
    "I don't mind...Well, I was out here to do an addition for a movie but, I didn't make it on time, so I'm out here for a modeling shoot instead." They talked for at least an hour. Jenny walked outside. "Time to go Alise!" She said. "Uh..." Alise looked at Jacob. "I'll take her home." Jacob said. "Well then I'll see ya later Alise!" Jenny aid as she walked away from them. "Thank you so much!" She smiled. They walked to his car. They walked to his car. "So where's your hotel?" He asked. "We were staying at the Mirada Inn but you can you take me somewhere else tonight and I'll get my stuff tomorrow ." She pleaded.
    "No problem!" He said. "Are you sure you wanna be alone tonight?"
    "Yep I'll be fine." She lied. 'God for some reason I really want him to stay.' He stopped the car in front of The Hampton Inn. "Thanks for the ride." Alise said.
    "It's no big deal really." He laughed. On impulse she kissed him. Alise said sorry when she saw the surprised look on his face. She felt her face grow hot. "It's ok." He said. She got out of the car. "Bye." He said. Alise waved goodbye. 'Wow, I really kissed him! And I really want to do it again!' She thought.
    A beeping sound woke Alise up. "What is that is that noise?" She asked aloud. "Oh it's coming from my purse." She picked up her pager. "Who could that be at 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday?" She asked herself. "Oh it's Steph!" She jumped on the bed and dialed the number. "Hey you paged me." Alise said. "Yeah, I wanted to tell you I'm not grounded anymore. My parents are so stupid sometimes I can't wait until I'm 18 and I'm outta here!" She said.
    "Soo.." Steph started. "What have you been doing out there?"
    "Well, I saw Jake and he invited me and Jen over to his place and talked, and I forgave him. He took me to a different Hotel because Jen was being totally rude, and you won't believe this but, I kissed him! I liked it too!" Alise laughed.
    "That's great!" Steph said. Maybe you guys should try-"
    "No I don't think so. I know what you are going to say." Alise interrupted.      "Well, It's definitely worth a try." Steph recommended. "I know but, I don't know if it'll work out."
    "Well, anyways I'll let you go now." Stephanie said. "Ok, Bye!" Alise hung up the phone.
    A little after 10:00
    Alise checked out of the Hotel. And took a cab to the Mirada Inn. She walked up 2 flights of stairs, and knocked on Jenny's door. To her surprise the door was open. She walked in and looked around. No sign of Jenny. Alise grabbed her bags and headed for Jacob's place.
    She knocked on his door, Jenny opened it. "What are you doing here?" Alise looked confused. "Why didn't you come back to the hotel last night?" Jenny shot back. "It's really none of your-"
    "She was with me!" Jacob walked up from behind Jenny. "No she wasn't! Cuz she doesn't like you!" Jenny yelled. Jacob looked hurt. "Listen Jenny, I am tired of you trying to run my life! You have your own life to take care of! So I guess if you want to go back home then you can go without me! And how would you know that I don't like Jacob you don't know what I feel!!" Alise snapped. Jenny pushed her way through her. "You'll regret that Alise!" She screamed. "There is really something wrong with that woman!" Alise said to herself. "Wow! I never seen you so mad." Jacob muttered. "Well, you don't know me that well, you should have seen me after you kissed me that time! I don't even know why I acted like that." She laughed.
    Alise opened her eyes. "When did I go to sleep? What time is it?" She asked. "You went to sleep like an hour ago, It's 9:00 p.m." Jacob answered. Jacob sat down next to her. "I have to ask you something. It's kinda personal...If you don't wanna answer you don't have to." Alise explained. "Do you like me? I mean well, more than a friend?" She stuttered more than said. "Well, yeah...your the most beautiful girl I have ever met...whoever doesn't think that is an idiot." He said. "Are you just saying that?" She asked. "I mean it." He said. Jacob leaned in and pressed his lips hard against hers. It seemed like it lasted only a couple seconds but, she didn't want it to end.

Chapter 4

1 Week Later
    "I can't believe you guys are dating!" Steph said. "I always knew that you two would be together!"
    Alise sighed. "We're not dating...we're just friends with privileges!" Alise laughed.
    "Yeah sure, I guess you just wanna keep it on the DL huh?" Alise's mother knocked lightly on the door and then opened it. She walked up to Alise and hugged her. "I'm so happy for you!" Her mother said softly. "What are you talking about?" She asked. Mrs. Johnson laughed. "You know about the thing with Jacob! You guys-" Mrs. Johnson stopped when she realized her daughter wasn't smiling or laughing. "What thing? I'm not dating him we're just working things out ok?" Alise said getting annoyed.
    "I am gonna go!" Steph decided. "Why does everyone think that I am going out with him? And who told you anyhow?" Alise asked. "Well" Mrs. Johnson started. "Well Jacob did." Her mother finished. "What?" Alise very surprised by how angry she was. 'Ok cool down' Alise told herself. After her mother left the room, she called Jacob.
    "Did you tell my mom about us?" She asked.
    "Well, yes I thought that you would want her to know." He said.
    "I guess it's too late. I shouldn't be mad at you. I'm sorry, I'm just so frustrated right now..." She kind of drifted away in her thoughts. Then she heard Jacob calling her name.
    "I am so sorry!" She laughed.
    "It's ok. Now what are you frustrated about?" He asked with curiosity.
    "Well, don't you think it's gonna be hard if you make it in to the band? I am barely gonna see you!"
    "I know it's gonna be hard but, this is really what I wanna do!"
    "I'm sorry I am thinking of myself I guess I'd rather be apart from you and you be happy than to be with me and feel regretful."
    "Thanks...Alise. I definitely love being with you and every second counts."
    "Listen, Jake will you promise me something?" She asked with lots of emotion.
    "Yes of course." He replied.
    "Promise me that you will never hurt me."
    "Why would I hurt you?" He seemed confused. "Just promise me please!" She cried. "I promise." He answered obediently.
    "Alise I have to go...I'll tell you what I am coming back to San Diego and if you want you can wait at the airport until I get there k? I should get there about 5 or 6." He explained.
    "Ok, I miss you and I can't wait to see you!" She paused. "Bye." He said. Alise hung up the phone. 'I wish I would have told him that I loved him.
    1 hour later
    Alise finished getting ready and took a cab to the airport. She took Stephanie along with her. "Are you nervous?" Steph asked in surprise. "No! Why would I be nervous?" She snapped.
    "Well, for one thing you're knee is shaking and you're biting your lip....It's bleeding!" She pointed out. Alise felt her lip. "I'm guess I am nervous to see Jacob it seems like forever since I seem him!" The cab pulled to a halt. They hurried in so they couldn't miss him coming in. Alise felt like the ten minute wait was an hour wait. Jacob walked into the waiting room. Alise and Steph were sitting down talking. Alise jumped up and ran to him, she gave him a hug. "I missed you!" She whispered. "I missed you too." He whispered back. She gave him a little kiss on the mouth. Alise picked up one of his bags, then dropped it. "That's heavy! What's in that? A brick?" Alise rubbed her hand.
    "I was gonna tell you not to pick it up but, it was to late." Jacob laughed. Stephanie stood up and cleared her throat. "Oh yeah you remember Steph don't you?"
    "Yes I do."
    "I cleared my throat so we can go, I have to use the bathroom. And I cannot use public ones!" Steph urged. They hurried out to get a cab. When they reached Jacobs house Steph ran to the bathroom. Everyone was happy to see him it took like an hour for them to finally leave. Alise, Steph, Jacob, Jason, and two other people crowded in Jacob's car. "So...what are we doing tonight?" Stephanie asked delighted that they invited her to come with them. "Well, someone suggested that we go to a karaoke bar." Alise frowned. "Yeah Jake knows a good one." Jason put in.
    They all of a sudden stopped and everyone flew forward.
    "Damn, Jake you really need to learn how to drive!" Jason yelped from the backseat as he opened the door.
    Alise was relieved when she saw that there wasn't a huge crowd. They had to sit 3 minutes that seemed like 3 hours listening to an old guy sing Backstreet boys 'Everybody'. "That guy cannot sing!" Steph whispered so no one could hear her but, the people at the table. Just then a woman walked on stage. "Well, the next song is..." She waited for something to pop up on the screen. "It's Mariah Carey's 'Fantasy." The lady said. "Alise you know this song!" Stephanie cried. Alise motioned her to stop but, it was to late. "You know that song?" Jacob asked. Alise blushed and reluctantly nodded her head. Jacob stood up. "My friend would like to sing!"
    Jacob took everyone home. Then he stopped in front of Alise's house. "I can't believe you made me sing!" She fretted. "Don't worry you sounded great!" He lied. "Yeah, sure." Alise rolled her eyes. Jacob kissed her. She pushed him. "I shouldn't be doing this." She said.
    "Why? What's wrong all of a sudden?" He look confused. (but most of the time he's confused!)
    "Well, since I'm only your friend I do-"
    "Wait a minute I thought you didn't want anyone to know." Jacob said even more confused than before. "I'm just kidding!" She laughed. "God Jake, you really need to lighten up!" She gave him a soft kiss. "I guess that's what I love about you." Alise opened the door and hit her head. Jacob smiled. "Are you ok?" He asked trying not to laugh. "I'm fine...I'll see you later k?" She closed the door and ran inside. Jacob laughed as he drove off.

The End!!